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Twangfest 19: We couldn’t have done it without you!

Bottle Rockets at Twangfest 19. Photo by Nate Burrell.

Bottle Rockets at Twangfest 19. Photo by Nate Burrell.

Twangfest 19… What can we say?

Let’s start with: Thank you!

We had four packed nights at Off Broadway, with 12 bands playing their hearts out. And all of you, the over 1000 music lovers who attended, made this Twangfest one of the best ever.

If you want to see videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have performances by Cracker, Matthew Sweet, Marah, Lilly Hiatt and Grace Basement posted, with more coming soon.

Want to see photos? Check out our Facebook page. And our media partner KDHX has some great coverage as well.

Need merch? We have the official Twangfest 19 T-shirts and posters on sale now.

Can’t wait for Twangfest 20? Stay tuned. We’ll be back next year!

Twangfest 19 Single Night Tickets


Single night tickets for Twangfest 19, June 10-13, 2015 at Off Broadway are on sale!

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Buy tickets for Saturday, June 13: The Bottle Rockets, Eric Ambel and Jimbo Mathus

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Nine questions with Brian Henneman of the Bottle Rockets


Bottle Rockets at Twangfest 17. Photo by Brian Sutter.

Twangfest is excited to welcome back the Bottle Rockets for a record fifth (!) appearance this year. The hometown heroes have just completed a new studio album (release date TBA), and they’ll be performing new songs as well as plenty of Brox classics. The band headlines Twangfest 19 on Saturday, June 13 at Off Broadway, with friend and producer Eric Ambel and blues-rocker Jimbo Mathus opening up. Tickets are available via Ticketfly.

Brian Henneman — singer, songwriter and guitarist for the Bottle Rockets — was kind enough to answer a few questions via email about the new album and other sundry topics.

Twangfest: Sometimes albums start out seeming to be one thing; then they turn into something else. What was most surprising about working on this new album?

Brian Henneman: The melody. So much melody. More than I knew I could sing. You can whistle these songs.

Were there things you tried on the new album that you never tried before? Recording techniques, guitar sounds, singing approaches?

More time spent on vocals than ever before. No “assembly line” recording this time. Everything developed as it went along. We finished a song before we moved on to another. There’s everything from songs built up from overdubs on top of an acoustic guitar, to one-take live band things, keeping the live “with the band” vocal.

The Bottle Rockets are somewhat unique in their tradition of “collective/collaborative” songwriting. Was that the case on this new album? How has that collective songwriting process changed?

This one is WAY different on that end. This one is mostly all me. With only a few exceptions.

A few weeks ago you posted this on Facebook: “[The new album’s] got charm. Doesn’t sound a thing like the Faces, but their records had charm. This has it too.” Can you explain the connection or analog to the Faces? Or describe that charm?

No, I can’t. You’ll just have to hear it for yourself. It just makes me happy like a Faces album. And that’s where the similarity ends.

You listen to a fair amount of mainstream country radio. What’s your favorite song right now and why?

It’s slim pickins right now. But it’s getting a LITTLE better. My favorite new country songs all happened about four years ago, and the Henningsens wrote most of them! There’s a new one by Thomas Rhett I like, called “Crash and Burn.” I hate his voice, but I love the song. No real reason, other than I just like it. Sometimes that’s the best reason of all. It’s hard to get “the full package” in new country. I either like the singer, or the song. Rare when the two collide. Ashley Monroe has one I love called “On to Something Good,” but radio ain’t playin’ it. Country radio is pretty much a girl-free zone right now. That’s too bad, ’cause girls always do the good songs.

What’s your least favorite country song right now and why?

Jason Aldean. Pick one. Any one. Doesn’t matter. I like him even less than I like Florida Georgia Line. He just makes music seem miserable to me…

The Bottle Rockets have always been based in the St. Louis area, and many of the songs naturally reflect that. Do you think there’s a way that St. Louis has influenced the sound of the Bottle Rockets?

We’ve always just written about our surroundings. This is where we’re from. It’s that simple. Nothin’ we ever thought much about…

The Bottle Rockets have played Twangfest in 2001, 2005, 2006 and 2013. What’s your favorite Twangfest memory?

I liked ‘em all. In no particular order, and no particular favorite memory. “Twangfest” is a favorite memory. Always…

Anything special in store for Twangfest 19 at Off Broadway?

New songs! And, Eric Ambel will be there, so who knows?

Twangfest 19 updates: Nadine, GadellNet Saturday Sessions and Playing For the Cause


Nadine circa 1999. Photo by Jennifer Silverberg.


Twangfest is pleased to confirm that St. Louis band Nadine will co-headline on Friday, June 12, 2015 at Off Broadway. Nadine will close out Friday night of Twangfest 19, with Lydia Loveless performing just before Nadine, and Trio Project opening the night at 8 p.m.

Nadine’s appearance at Twangfest 19 will be the band’s first performance in over a decade. The lineup will include Adam Reichmann, Steve Rauner, Todd Schnitzer, Jimmy Griffin and Merv Schrock.

On April 9, 2015, Anne Tkach, bass player for Nadine (and member of many other St. Louis bands), died in a house fire in Webster Groves, Missouri. Nadine’s appearance at Twangfest 19 will take place, as scheduled, and will be in honor of Anne’s memory.

Today, Twangfest is proud to announce a new music series: GadellNet Saturday Sessions at the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market.

The tradition of live, acoustic music continues at the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market this season with this free concert series, sponsored by GadellNet, an IT consulting firm based in St. Louis, and presented by Twangfest. Additional sponsors of the series include Kuva Coffee and the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market.

GadellNet Saturday Sessions kicks off on May 23 with a performance by veteran, old-time string band Missouri Breaks. The season will run through October 3, 2015, and will feature local and national artists, all performing under the West Pool Pavilion in Tower Grove Park.

Music begins at 10 a.m. each Saturday and runs till noon. As always, the music is free and family friendly.

Get the schedule and more information about GadellNet Saturday Sessions.

Twangfest is thrilled to be partnering with Playing For the Cause, a St. Louis-based nonprofit that connects musicians and fans with worthy causes. At Twangfest 19, fans will have the opportunity to support local music education and/or therapy organizations. We invite all organizations in St. Louis that meet these criteria to apply for a grant through PFTC.

And finally: Only three reserved balcony seats remain for Twangfest 19. Get yours as part of our VIP package today.

Deluxe Friends of Twangfest packs are also going fast. Get yours and you’ll be guaranteed for all four nights of Twangfest, plus you’ll get admission to the very special house concert with the Bottle Rockets on the afternoon of Saturday, June 13.