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Kentucky Knife Fight

Kentucky Knife Fight

Dave Johnson

When trying to introduce a band like Kentucky Knife Fight in words it’s tempting to fall back onto tired metaphors that evoke booze-soaked blues, shady bars, and a life lived on the edge of society. To do so would, in a sense, be accurate but it would also be a huge disservice to the sound and energy that the band has crafted through countless hard-fought, sweaty, impassioned gigs. Kentucky Knife Fight’s unique blend of twang-tinged, muddy, sensual blues rock stomp can only be truly experienced live. And with the band’s frequent touring throughout the Midwest and South (including a stop at this year’s Twangfest/KDHX SXSW day party in Austin, TX) more and more folks are being converted. You may show up on Wednesday night of Twangfest at The Pageant to see Hayes Carll but you’ll likely go home talking about Kentucky Knife Fight.

— Chris Bay

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