We welcome you to Twangfest, the best music festival you’ll ever attend, if you’ll allow us a moment of immodesty. Twangfest is a place where incredible musical performers from all over the country play before the most fervent bunch of music lovers that they or you will ever meet. We often say that Twangfest is a big tent; the big top of a musical three-ring circus, filled with the sights and sounds that make roots music so vibrant and inspirational. Get ready to fill your ears and feast your eyes, and be sure to introduce yourself to friends new and old. But most of all, have yourself a great time! In fact, we dare you not to.

Twangfest is not just an event; it’s also a nonprofit organization working to preserve and promote the unique tradition and culture of Americana music.

Musician Dale Watson says,

“Twangfest is the future survival of country music…and a home for us survivalists.”

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